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    Having a problem with downloading your files? Please follow the following steps.
    No luck? Reach out to and he will help you further
    1. Restart the browser
    Try to restart your browser (fully close down the app and open it again, not just close the window).
    Sometimes this is all it needs, just like computers need to be restarted sometimes.
    2. Try a different browser
    Some browsers are just not very good, and Windows Explorer was one of them, that’s why it’s just been shut down.
    Chrome is the most used browser in the world and it is supportive of web applications and developers. Generally, it’s the best browser to use.
    It’s sometimes good to try to download in incognito mode because cookies, chrome apps or something could be causing an issue.
    3. Restart the computer
    Restarting the computer is one of the most common fixes for many software issues. Things can build up in your memory cache or even your OS. Sometimes just a simple restart will solve most of your software issues.
    4. Browser apps causing problems
    Try downloading the files using Chrome Incognito mode.
    If it works, you may have a bad Chrome app installed in your browser. Some apps can interfere with the download links and change the URL.
    We have special URLs to protect your files from being shared with others, so the URL will be broken if any apps interfere with it.
    Incognito mode removes all apps from the browser.
    5. Check the ISP connection
    Sometimes you are still connected to WiFi, but there may not be an internet connection. Check with your ISP for outages on their network.
    6. Check if you are on restricted internet
    Sometimes there are issues with WiFi at workplaces. They restrict workers from downloading from specific websites.
    Try downloading from a 4G connection from your phone network and test to see if it works there or just wait to go home later than night.
    7. Check your WiFi device drivers
    macOS will probably be OK in this scenario, but Windows or Linux may need some attention. Check your drivers to make sure they are up to date.